There is a lot of talk about how vaping, or using e-cigarettes, can help you with your health. And the reality is that an esigarett is going to help you a lot if you are smoking regularly. We would say that almost every study that has come out has shown that if you are smoking an esigarett, you are going to be a lot healthier than if you were to continue smoking regular cigarettes. That is just how it goes, and there is nothing wrong with accepting that fact. But how can we ensure that you are safe when you are vaping?

We have all seen those horror stories where you read that someone had an ecig in their pocket and it exploded, or it was a spare battery. And there are even some stories where someone took a drag and it exploded in their mouth, and they were left with some horrible injuries. We are not telling you this to make you afraid. We are telling you because we want you to know that safety is something that you are going to want to think about if you are vaping. It is important, and it is not as hard as you would imagine.


Now we have to tell you that the stories about a battery exploding when it is in your pocket is 100 percent avoidable. The reason why this happens is because the battery is not protected. It is not taped in the right way, and it is not in a battery case or inside the vaping device. If that happens, you are going to get the possibility that your battery will connect with keys or coins that are also in your pocket. Then you may get a charge, and that can lead to the explosions that you sometimes read about.

We have taken care of the battery problem for you. So long as you are keeping your batteries in your device, or you are getting a proper plastic case that you would use for each batter, you are 100 percent never going to have this issue. It will just not happen, because you are using the proper safety. And if you ever notice that a battery is not wrapped in the right way, you have to either take it to a store to get it rewrapped, or you can do it on your own. That will ensure it is all set.

In terms of ecigs exploding, the only time that happens is when you are using unregulated mods. The reason why that happens is that the voltage on the coils is not matching up with the voltage limits of the device. But if you are getting regulated mods of any size, this is never going to happen. Those regulated mods are designed to shut off if anything is out of the order. In contrast, the unregulated mod would still attempt to work as you take a drag, and that results in the explosion. So make sure you are just getting regulated mods, and you are good to go!