Fun Facts About the Toronto Plumber

Plumbing is one of those things that we don’t like to talk about too often, because we know that the costs to deal with it can get expensive. Whether you get help from Toronto plumber or any other plumbing professional, you will discover that people have different opinions about the plumber and how the whole thing works. What do you know about the plumber? Here are some fun facts you may have never realized.

–    Did you know that several million kilometers of plumbing have been installed all over the world since the 1800’s? And that number is just going to get bigger as time goes on. This has helped people all over the world to prevent disease and deal with other issues that may come along.

–    Do you know why the toilet is called “The John” by some people? It’s because the person who put together the first version of the modern toilet was named John Harrington. He developed the first flushing toilet during the late 1500’s.

–    Have you heard the old story that the toilet flushes differently here than it does in the Southern Hemisphere? Well, apparently that’s not true! (I know, some of you just had your worlds turned upside down). It’s just due to the way that the particular toilet in question has been designed, and nothing more!

–    In 1913, plumbing changed forever. The Quaturn Cartridge is one of the most important inventions of plumbing. It basically made it so that the faucet doesn’t need as much pressure in order to turn on – they used to take several rotations, but the Cartridge made it so you can get the same effect from a quarter of a turn.

–    The bathroom has had lots of names in the past. Different cultures had different names for it – the Romans called it the “Necessarium” (makes sense, doesn’t it?); the Tudors called it the privy or the house of privacy. The most amusing one, however, was France’s name for it – their French name meant “the smelly house.”

–    The word for plumbing is not actually related to the pipes themselves, but instead, what they used to be made from. Most pipes used to be made from lead, and the Latin word for lead is plumbum. Granted, they aren’t made from lead anymore (because of the poisonous properties of it), but that’s where the roots come from in the first place.

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Plumbing has a really interesting history and, the fact of the matter is, there are going to be more advancements in plumbing as time goes on. If you are looking at what you need to do with your own plumbing, it may be a good idea to really check out the technology that is out there. It could make a difference and help you to discover just what is going to work out the best for you and all that you are looking to work out as a result of your efforts as well.